Silence Is Violence

I really have to thank this generation for bringing new wisdom to my life. Had it not been for a protest with signs saying “Silence Is Violence” I would had been stuck with my old thinking and left in the dust. Needless to say, I am very grateful.

This article is a public service message.

According to non-scientific studies everywhere, mimes have now been classified as the most violent people on the planet. Just ask the FBI. In another study, it has been reported that the US military is contemplating replacing all of their ground troups with mimes, a tactical and strategic move.

So please Do Not attempt to get close to any mime and report all sightings to your local law enforcement agency.

Mimes are Very dangerous
Mime your own business !!!

Rick Carroll

6663 Photographs

Tourists - Ottawa 17.07.2016
Young tourists – Parliament Hill – Ottawa 17.07.2016

It’s hard for me to imagine such a small number of photographs that essentially cover 7 years of doing photography on a part time basis. ( 2014 – 2020 ) To many, this number would most likely reflect a month or two of taking photographs. Welcome to the digital age.

Out of all the things I wished had happened, I wish that I could have afforded to do my type of photography as a full time job for the 37 years or so that I’ve been doing this. I believe that what I’d be able to share would be nothing less than amazing. Then again, perhaps that’s just me being arrogant.

Going through the 6663 photographs, I pulled this one out yesterday. Like most of my photographs, it is a candid photograph. Unlike most, I didn’t remove even a speck of dust from this. A very small crop was done and a bit of playing with colour, contrast and sharpness.

At the end of the day, it’s not the “number of photographs” any more than “size matters”. Out of the 6663 photographs are 400 to 600 great images and there are still many more I haven’t found yet.

Rick Carroll