Silence Is Violence

I really have to thank this generation for bringing new wisdom to my life. Had it not been for a protest with signs saying “Silence Is Violence” I would had been stuck with my old thinking and left in the dust. Needless to say, I am very grateful.

This article is a public service message.

According to non-scientific studies everywhere, mimes have now been classified as the most violent people on the planet. Just ask the FBI. In another study, it has been reported that the US military is contemplating replacing all of their ground troups with mimes, a tactical and strategic move.

So please Do Not attempt to get close to any mime and report all sightings to your local law enforcement agency.

Mimes are Very dangerous
Mime your own business !!!

Rick Carroll

Support Law Enforcement

Ottawa 17.08.2017
Ottawa 17.08.2017

Flawed? For sure. Needs work? Absolutely. I am talking about this photograph and that is why it has not been posted.

I walk the streets of the best city in Canada almost daily and that city is Ottawa. ( Sorry Toronto ) I see law enforcement everywhere and I have decades of seeing and knowing the incredible work these men and women do. Work that most of us could never muster enough courage to do. Instead we criticize.

So many cry foul, look to reduce budgets and at the extreme, look to eliminate. All because of a few bad apples and perhaps some outdated practices and policies. Much like this photograph, police forces need to be worked a bit and edited with the help of others in the community, a joint effort.

Personally I can’t imagine being under this magnifying glass constantly. How would any of us fare out given such conditions?

Perhaps it isn’t evident to everyone, but we are in a time of great change and the corona virus has been the catalyst for many of these changes.

So… A few bad apples eh? All of it seems like nothing when I compare it to the bushels of bad apples in today’s society. Positive and permanent change can happen and it will. We just need to show support to our law enforcement and say Thank You.

Rick Carroll