Missing Our Soldiers

Reconciliation Monument - Ottawa, Canada
Reconciliation Monument – Ottawa 22.05.2020

One of the reasons I took this photograph is because our soldiers are no longer protecting the tomb of our Unknown Soldier at Canada’s National War Memorial. Perhaps another casualty of the corona virus.

As a Canadian, I won’t tell you what’s right or wrong but the soldiers that protect the tomb of the Unknown Soldier do so with incredible pride. They realize that the tomb and the National War Memorial represent this great nation, it’s ideals, it’s passions and it’s people.

Today and since the onset of the corona virus, many have fallen and many will remain unknown. Some however will be remembered as soldiers with all of the qualities of Canada’s finest. To the Canadian people the missing sentries are much more than a tourist attraction and now more than ever need to be present.

Rick Carroll


Wellington Street - Ottawa 07/04/2020
Wellington Street – Ottawa 07.04.2020

Like many cities around the world, the streets are quiet. Gone is the weaving and dodging on busy sidewalks, the endless chatter and the inescapable noises that we’ve become familiar with. Still, the truly fortunate have someone to hold.

Rick Carroll