Support Law Enforcement

Ottawa 17.08.2017
Supreme Court of Canada – Ottawa 17.08.2017

Flawed? For sure. Needs work? Absolutely. I am talking about this photograph and that is why it has not been posted.

I walk the streets of the best city in Canada almost daily and that city is Ottawa. ( Sorry Toronto ) I see law enforcement everywhere and I have decades of seeing and knowing the incredible work these men and women do. Work that most of us could never muster enough courage to do. Instead we criticize.

So many cry foul, look to reduce budgets and at the extreme, look to eliminate. All because of a few bad apples and perhaps some outdated practices and policies. Much like this photograph, police forces need to be worked a bit and edited with the help of others in the community, a joint effort.

Personally I can’t imagine being under this magnifying glass constantly. How would any of us fare out given such conditions?

Perhaps it isn’t evident to everyone, but we are in a time of great change and the corona virus has been the catalyst for many of these changes.

So… A few bad apples eh? All of it seems like nothing when I compare it to the bushels of bad apples in today’s society. Positive and permanent change can happen and it will. We just need to show support to our law enforcement and say thank you.

We need them and they need us.

Rick Carroll

George Floyd Changed the World

Ottawa 05.06.2020
Ottawa 05.06.2020

I originally had a post on this site called “All Lives Matter” which I deleted. It seems that to some, this post may have been interpreted as a negative when there’s nothing negative about it. I also had a link on this post to photographs of people of colour, perhaps my need to show that I care and to self-validate. The truth is I’ve always cared.

I firmly believe that groups and communities may be required at this time to create change. Fair enough. I also believe that groups in themselves can at times further segregate all of us. It’s a fine line.

I apologize for removing photographs that some might have come here to see.

Thanks for reading.

Rick Carroll

Waiting for Google

Young Covid protestor - Ottawa
Young Covid protestor – Ottawa 05.16.2020

This is pretty much a “Buyer Beware” piece. A few months ago I managed to get my old domain name back after it being held hostage by a re-selling company. When the domain finally became available at a regular price, I snatched it up. Little did I know that the previous owner of my domain was a spammer.

As it stands, whatever I post and my 1 Youtube video are blocked by Google. Fortunately I have very little listed on this domain at this time. I wait patiently ( well perhaps not that patiently ) for Google to get back to me and correct the problem. So before you buy a domain name make sure that it hasn’t been blocked for whatever reason.

Thanks for reading.

Rick Carroll