Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh - NDP Leader - Ottawa 18.06.2020
Jagmeet Singh – NDP Leader – Ottawa 18.06.2020

I had the pleasure today of meeting the head of the NDP Party, Jagmeet Singh. The 30 seconds or so that I had with him was more than enough to let him know that I appreciate his work on our behalf.

Today was a great reminder to check your camera settings before you start. I had reset my camera to default the day before and jpgs with an sRGB profile was not what I had in mind. Seems that after almost 37 years of taking photographs that I still screw up. Oh well. On the plus side, I did meet Mr. Singh.

Rick Carroll

National Gallery

National Gallery of Canada
National Gallery – Ottawa 25.2.2020

I’m often stopped by tourists in downtown Ottawa and asked where they should go and what they should see. At some level, perhaps delusional, I feel like the ambassador to Ottawa, my hometown, and I am always honoured to assist and direct to the best of my ability the people who travel here. Typically within seconds I rhyme off a list of places, a list that always starts with The National Gallery of Canada.

Rick Carroll