Street Portraiture

Ottawa 22.09.2016
Bank Street – Ottawa 22.09.2016

For as long as I can remember people have described me as a “Street Photographer” but in truth, based on what is said, typically street photographers shoot with lenses in the 35mm range. My photography however has always been more around the 200mm range and often 300mm. So what am I?

I chose long focal lengths because I have never wanted to be an “in your face” type of shooter. I find that and continue to find it very disrespectful. Years later when I first saw American photographer Bruce Gilden’s method of taking a photograph, I was totally appalled. Mr. Gilden’s work however is well known and well received and for that I applaud him. It’s just not my style.

It’s funny how all of us can be dumber than sticks at times. Right now all I want to do is portraiture, ideally strong and powerful images in a studio setting. I’ve spent the last year setting up a little studio in my apartment. What makes me dumb is that when I look at my work, even the small sample of it here, is that the work for the most part is portraiture, just in an outdoor setting.

Rick Carroll