Soldier Appreciation

Roach-Leclair - Ottawa 23.10.2020
Roach-Leclair – Ottawa 23.10.2020

The photographs shown in Memorial Soldiers are for the soldiers in the photographs. Although I don’t get out there as much as I can due to weather, life in general and a thousand other excuses, I will keep working on it. I am aware that some soldiers get missed from time to time but they are not forgotten.

Rick Carroll

Silently Proud

Private McIntyre - Ottawa 03.09.2020
Private McIntyre – Ottawa 03.09.2020

Today as I worked on this photograph I thought of what an Ottawa Police officer had told me days after the shooting of Corporal Nathan Cirillo in 2014. ( an incredible tragedy ) As she guarded the soldiers at the National War Memorial, she told me that she was honoured to be protecting our soldiers. I was so impressed and humbled by her words.

Rick Carroll