Concept vs Art

Ottawa 29.09.2020
Sussex Drive – Ottawa 29.09.2020

I’ve often found that the concept(s) behind certain pieces of art seem to be more powerful than the actual art itself. I find that unfortunate. However insane this may sound, I believe that the everyday things, the moments, that which is so common, so simple, can be art.

Rick Carroll

House of Barons

Ottawa 03.09.2020
Sussex Drive – Ottawa 03.09.2020

A barber / stylist from the House of Barons on Sussex Drive in Ottawa takes a minute on a beautiful day in Ottawa. It’s great to see small businesses open. Now if we can only get everyone off online shopping and have them get out there and shop local.

Rick Carroll

Ottawa On A Roll

Sussex Drive - Ottawa 06.09.2020
Sussex Drive – Ottawa 06.09.2020

I have to admit that when I first saw these scooters hit the streets in Ottawa I doubted their ability to become popular, especially with the pan-dammit and all. In this instance I am pleased to be wrong. I find it refreshing to see so many outside and having fun. All we need now is the winter version with a ski and a snowmobile track.

Mr. Bombardier?

Rick Carroll