There have been many times in my life when I’ve shared a piece of my wisdom only to have it dismissed. Later, often years later, a friend would come back to me and say “Have you listened to ‘so and so’?” “He’s famous, educated, has stature etc. etc. and he talks about this.”

Needless to say this man or at times this woman, spoke the same words that I had previously shared.

I’m pretty sure that many of us have lived this type of experience at one time or another and clearly I am venting. Venting however does not change the fact that wisdom is not limited to the intellectuals, the achievers or to one’s social status, anymore than the size of a man determines his stature. Wisdom can and is often found as readily from the man with weathered hands asking for change.

Ottawa - 2014
Ottawa 2014

“I don’t want to see what others see because
then I’ll start to think as others think,
and in time, believe what others believe.”

Creativity; “To pull from the silences that which is not, yet.”
Multiculturalism; “An enriched kaleidoscope of possibilities and change.”

“Step into each day knowing that you are divine.”

“As long as there are borders and economies, man will remain stagnant.”

“Forget about thinking outside the box. Lose the box.”

“I am the gateway and the obstacle to tomorrow.”

“A wrinkle is simply a sampled flavour of life.”

“May the ink of my words be compassion.”

“Fear is my teacher, not my master.”

“Pity is the most bitter fruit of assumption.”

“Hug a child first, then find a tree.”

“There are no greater prisons in life than the ones we create.”

“What tears me are things that are mortal, what heals me are things that are not.”

“Assumptions increase the distance to understanding.”

“Solitude teaches.”

“From the flawed, perfection.”

“The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time
but throw in an ear for good measure.”

“There are no gifts in untruths.”

“Emotional stability is life’s ‘true’ currency.”

“Emotions are the common thread of all humanity.”

“Out of all the knowledge of mankind, self-knowledge is by far the most important.
Without it, there is no authentic self.”

“Perhaps our most powerful experiences in life lie in the living of our abstractions of it.”

“Life is about inquiring not acquiring.”

“An un-authentic life requires endless editing.”

“White picket fences need only exist in the heart.”

“What time takes from the body, living gives to the soul.”

“It does not follow that because I can walk away from ‘Incredible’, that ‘Incredible’ becomes less credible.”

“Most people only share what’s pretty and safe, often leaving truth behind.”

“It is not my anatomy that makes me a man, nor is it my successes, failures or possessions. I am a man because of how I love and how I am loved.”

“Life, blank pages and empty rooms are my canvas. They seduce me.”

“Life is a symphony
and each person, a significant note,
in one masterpiece, life.”